Geoff Marshall

Hello! I'm Geoff, a video producer and content creator based in London, covering transport topics including
the London Underground, Buses, and National Rail station and infrastructure in the UK.

In 2017 I spent three months travelling to all 2,563 railway station in Great Britain, making a documentary series about them,
and I continue to produce video content at all new stations that have opened since, the total is currently 2,581.

In 2019, I also travelled to every station in Ireland, Northern Ireland and again produced
a documentary video series about the stations on the network.

In 2024, I rode a section off all 544 London Buses Routes, to tick them all over and produce
a special one hour long documentary about it.

My transport and travel YouTube channel has over 326,000 subscribers (with 90 million+ views)
and I can produce short video or longer style documentary videos about your trainsport project.

You acn hire me for video production work, shooting, directing and editing.