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Do you do meetups / personalised video greetings?

I do not make personalised birthday greetings or custom videos of any sort - if I did, I'd spend all my time just doing that! I am also unable to meet up with individuals or go on trips with you, as doing anything like this simply takes time out of my day, and I'm always focusing on working towards my next video or project.

I do though absolutely encourage you to get out on the railways, have your own adventure and enjoy travelling!

What camera do you use?

My current main camera is the Canon R7, but have also previously used the Canon 80D and 90D for making the majority of my videos with Rode Mics. I also have and older (but still great cameras!) Canon C-100/300. I then use a GoPro 8 and DJI Mini drone for additional shots.

Where can I get the T-Shirts from that you wear?

If you are after merchandise of T-Shirts worn in YouTube videos, these are all available on the DZTZ Merch website.

What happened to Londonist?

Before uploading to my own channel on a regular basis, I contributed to the Londonist website and channel for several years. That started when I made the popular series called 'Secrets of the Underground' back in 2013. I didn't start regular uploads to my own channel until 2016.

Do you do Tours?

I used to work for Hidden London as their Lead Tour Guide for three years between 2016-2019, taking people into abandoned Tube Stations around London. I've been to many an abandoned Tube Station several times, and am very familiar with them!

Can I use one of your videos?

If you want to use one of my videos, then you can just embed the original YouTube player on your own site using the code they provide. You don't need my permission to do that - go ahead.

However, you are not allowed to use my videos in their entirely on your YouTube channel - a copyright strike will be issued against you. You are also not allowed to use any part of or clips of my videos without my permission.