Things that I've created (usually maps) to accompany videos that I've made for you to download. If you enjoy the things I make and would like to support me and the channel, please visit my Ko-Fo page here, thank you!

YouTube Series

Least Used Stations

The Least Used Stations is where I visit and make a video for the least used station in a county, according to the statistics supplied by the Office of Rail and Road, which are usually published in December of each year.

So that you can see what the least used station , I've designed and created this Least Used Stations Map which is divided up into the counties in England, whereas Wales and Scotland are done slightly differently.


Request Stops

In the Request Stops series I'm going around to and visiting all 140 request stops across Great Britain to see what's at them. To get off at a request stop you have to tell the guard on the train that you wish to alight, to board at a request stop you have to 'make your intent clear' (by sticking your arm out!) as the train approaches the platform.

You can download here the Request Stop Map which I've designed, which shows you where on Britain's railways all the request stops are.


London's Lost Railways

Back in 2015/16 I made a whole series of videos for Londonist featuring twelve lost railways in London, they were short 90 second videos, that simply showed where the lines were along with a brief history.

But in 2019 they were deleted from YouTube (we never worked out why!) but three of them were later salvaged from where they'd also been uploaded to Facebook at somepoint, and were republished on YouTube.

So in 2021, looking back the old three I realised I could do them a lot better - by making them longer, of higher quality and not miss out a few things that I'd omitted before, and remake them for my own channel.

So here's the map to download that shows where in Greater London all the locations are that are featured in the playlist of videos.

Nottingham Trams

The Map of the Nottingham Tram network so you can visualise all 50 stops!



London Underground

How Much of the Underground is underground

Even thought it's called the 'Underground' the majority of the Tube network is actual above ground and in the open - but how much? I've created the Actual Underground Map that shows you which parts (shaded) are beneath the surface, and the rest of it which isn't ...


Air Conditioned Tube Map

In the height of summer, the Tube can be very hot, so I created the Air Conditioned Tube Map to which which lines are cooled, as some are, and some aren't but now can plan your journey around air conditioned trains!


Disused Tube Map

Is downloadable here


Olympia Trains

The London Underground only has a small number of scheduled trains for the weekday service to Kensington Olympia. Here's the Olympia Timetable I created to show when they are.


Oyster Fares

TfL used to publish a fare guide that showed individual Oyster Fares - they no longer do that so I made my own. Here is the Oyster Fares 2018 - it needs updating!



#PurpleTrain Crossrail Frequencies

We still don't know when Crossrail might start or even partially open. But when it is up and running fully here's how I think the service pattern might look with the Purple Train Frequencies Guide that I created.

This is based upon various sources that I've found online, and may not be correct - but gives you an idea as to what the service patter might look like!


All The Stations

All The Stations Maps

Isle of Man Map - The Map we created for All The Stations - Isle of Man

Railcards Comparisons

Railcards Guide - A guide to the differences between all the railcards, and what discounts they get you.