I've published four books, available from all the usual online retailers and book shops.

Underground : USA

Is the story of my 2009 roadtrip driving around the 48 lower states of America, visiting towns and places that share the name as names on the Tube Map.
Self published, 2013.

Tube Station Trivia - A fact for every Tube Station on the network!
Capitol Transport, 2018.

The Railway Adventures. Co-Authored with Vicki, a book about our 2017 All The Stations adventure.
September Publishing, 2018.

The London Underground : 50 Things To See And Do - An activity book for families and children, things to do on a day out on the Underground!
September Publishing, 2020.

If you are after merchandise of T-Shirts worn in our YouTube videos, these are all available on the DZTZ Designs website.