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Tube 26 : Walk The Tube 2014

Charity Event, Friday 4th April 2014 - After we got the World Record in August 2013, many people asked what our route was or if they could come with us 'next time'. So we organised a charity event where 20 people followed the old 2009 'Labyrinth' record route, but walked the connections (rather than run them) to get round all stations ata more sedate pace

Watch the Video!


Steve created a great map showing the route and the parts of the network that we actually travelled on during the day (Click on the image for a larger sized version)

Ian did a a rather brilliant Storify collecting all the tweets and pictures that happened on the day which you can see here

Vicki took a whole bunch of photos on the day which are available to view here

Geoff got interview by Vanessa Feltz on BBC London, you can listen to it here

Helen & Simon got themselvse in their local paper - the Waltham Forest Guardian

Helen also wrote us a list of '26 things learned on the Tube Challenge'

1.    For optimal comfort while going round the entire Tube network in a day, don't wear a penguin onesie
2.    For credibility’s sake, don't be the one who gets left behind at the very first station (Chesham)
3.    The station name roundels at Sudbury Town are written in a unique serif font
4.    It is a myth that “Walk the Tube” means you won't have to run
5.    Commuters at Northolt station did not appreciate the Penguin Song as much as we all did. Philistines!
6.    South Kenton has the bleakest platforms
7.    The Vanessa Feltz show has a 15-second transmission delay, meaning we got to enjoy Geoff’s interview with her twice in quick succession
8.    Thanks to doing an interview with our local paper while passing through Dagenham East, we were briefly the most important story on the Waltham Forest Guardian homepage
9.    If you need to stop the traffic so you can run across the road to the bus stop at South Wimbledon, it helps to have a brave penguin who stands in front a white van
10.  When you go through Grange Hill, you will be able to age people in the group based on whether they hum the TV theme from the 1980s or the 1990s
11.  The top of the Hainault loop has a rubbish service. Don't live there if you want to get anywhere
12.  It's poignant passing through everywhere you've ever lived or worked in London within a single day (note for pedants: I've always been near a tube although sometimes have been closer to and used more regularly National Rail or Overground stations too)
13.  Commuters tend to be friendlier in the evening rush hour than the morning
14.  Wave at tube drivers and they will (almost always) wave back or blow their whistle for you. Especially if there's 20 of you and some are penguins
15.  The lady who gave us satsumas while we were going up the High Barnet branch is lege
16.  TfL have decided to officially name the zones 1-9 Anytime One Day Travelcard a “Geoff” in honour of Geoff Marshall* (* this may not be true)
17.  Even a vegetable samosa bought from a newsagents tastes like manna from heaven when you haven't stopped moving for 14 hours
18.  It is inevitable that you will unexpectedly bump into someone you know (in my case, someone I’m working with, at Mill Hill East)
19.  A lot of the time you feel like a cross between Anneka Rice on Treasure Hunt and a contestant on the Crystal Maze
20.  Cockfosters is never not going to be an amusing name no matter what age you are
21.  Even with a full bladder, you can run the length of two carriages along a train while it’s stopped at a station
22.  It is possible to get 10 people in and out of the loos at Barons Court in only 3 1/2 minutes
23.  Members of the group who buy only one cheeseburger during a rapid interchange may not enamour themselves with the others
24.  Some of the most fiddly stations to tick off are in the central area where you have to double back on yourself. And Chiswick Park at 11pm when everybody’s forgotten about it
25.  Travelling with the same 20 people all day is a great bonding experience. For some it could even be the start of something special…
26.  When you've been on the network for 18 hours and blow your nose, don't look at the tissue afterwards

We'd quite like to make it an annual event, and could do it in the spring of each year - at the moment #WalkTheTube2015 may take place on Friday 10th April 2015

Tube 26 Stats

Stations visited: 270/270 (Used Overground for Olympia)
Starting station: Chesham
Finishing station: Heathrow Terminal 5
Total time taken: 18 hours, 13 minutes, 29 seconds.

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