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In the beginning

Let's keep this simple but only going back to the 'serious' weddings, i.e. the ones I've been to where I wore my own suit, and not just ones that I got dragged along to as a child with my parents. I can only vaguely remember a few of those anyway, but I know there were some.

So we start in ...


Where my first 'proper' wedding that I went to was between my 1 cousin Simon and Caroline. All I can vaguely remember is that it was somewhere in Croydon. I was 15, and my dad wouldn't let me drink any beer at the reception. Duh.

More cousins got married in the following couple of years - 2 Graham and 3 Phil and then their sister 4 Lisa got married to Andy, on a sunny Saturday in Richmond.

So we're on four already and that's just some of my family.


Then I got see my 5 Dad re-marry on the day before my 18th birthday in this year. It got to midnight at the wedding reception and he decided to embarrass me by bringing me out a surprise novelty-shaped birthday cake. At this point my girlfriend at the time got a massive strop on, and I found out the next day that it was because she too (and some of my friends) had also got me another novelty shaped birthday cake. Oh, and apparently this was all my fault.


On a cold December day in '94 I went to the wedding of a work colleage - 6 Adebisi Ogansunya, at an amazingly colourful and happy ceremony in a Church in Dulwich.


The 'wedding a year' task which I seem to now be embroiled in, all kicked off in 1996, when I went down to Plymouth for the weekend to see my then landlady 7 Caroline get married to her latest flame, Richard. It lasted less than a year I seem to recall.

I also went to evening reception (that still counts!) of my work colleage 8 Jason who married his wife Deborah up in Watford.

I can also remember going to two evening events in this year that were friends of my girlfriend at the time, but sadly for 9 and 10 I can't actually remember their names .. oops! I definitely went though, honest, albeit they just 'evening' occasions - one of which was in Dulwich, at the old college building I seem to recall.

I also went to another weddding of friends 11 (Clare & Yomi, actually in 1993) of the same girlfriend at the time that we also went to.


This year brought the first of my close bunch of friends to tie the knot. And once one couple had done it, it seemed that everyone else followed. So 12 Paul & Sarah got married on April 26th.

They were shortly followed by 13 Adrian & Sarah on June 28th, the same days as Sarahs birthday - making their wedding anniversary easy to remember.

I remember having a digital camera for the first ever time (borrowed from work), and took my PC & Printer with me to the wedding! I took a photo of them, and had it printed it out in an album for them by the end of the day, cool.


Another evening reception followed for 14 Karen Martell, sister to my old school friend Peter (who's wedding is listed later below) in February of this year

Come May, and I saw 15 Richard & Kate marry down at the stunning location of Goodwood House in Sussex.




In September my friend 16 Richard married Caroline - there was quite a memorable stag do in Amsterdam.

Spookily enough, they also split with a year - the same as my landlady had done back in 1996 - another 'Caroline and Richard'. Suffice to say that if I ever I get invited to another wedding with these two names again, I'm going to think twice about going.



Were there more weddings than usual in the new millennium year?

The theory was going round that it would of course me a memorable year to get married in, and so it proved that I went to the most weddings in the year than any other.

Ok, maybe it just happened to be the year when a lot of people I knew hit that 'wedding' phase of their lives - either way, I still increased my wedding tally significantly.

On a rainy May day in Middlesborough I witnessed 17 Jon & Barbara tie the knot, followed a couple of months later by 18 Mark & Suzie in Warwick.




Later in the year in September, I witnessed my friends 19 Chris & Sheila in Harrow tie the knot. I'd helped out with some of the organisation, mainly by creating Chris a wedding & stag website full of information and photos.



In the summer I went to a wedding of their (Chris & Sheila's) friends - 20 Anita & Ian.

Just when I though that four in a year was a lot, I then went to a fifth - 21 Phil & Katy up in Cockfosters in November of this year.




This year brought the wedding of 22 Richard & Nicki in May, where I was an usher for the day, and also ran a sweepstake (£1 a go, £43 to the person with the nearest time) on how long the best mans speech would be. They since made me godfather to their son Joseph.

In July of that hear my mate 23 Dave (from the TubeChallenge!) got married to Nheke in Guildford.

Then in October I was very fortunate to be invited to 24 Neil & Jenny's wedding at the stunning Scottish location of Kinlochmoidart. Probably the best wedding I've been to in terms of location - the west coast of Scotland is simply beautiful.

I bought my first digital camera just before this and their wedding weekend is where I first took many of my photos.

Wedding number 25 came just before Christmas that year with Roxane & Dan which was in Tadworth.

The reception was at a posh country club somewhere, which when I snuck into the memeber part of it only to watch the results come in on the TV, I got told off by one of the regulars for using my mobile phone, as they had a 'no mobile' policy!



In this year I then saw 26 my sister marry her long term bloke - Rob - down in Brighton.



27 Jono (also from the TubeChallenge) got married in August to Katie in Godalming.

They also made me an usher for the day, and I repaid their trust in me by stepping Katie's sisters foot and crushing her toes ... one of the bridesmaids. Oops ...



My 28 mum got re-married to Jon in May of this year.

This was shortly followed by 29 fellow Spurs supporter Mark (and brother of Richard - wedding number 9 above) get married to his lovely wife Ilkay.

Then, I saw 30 another TubeChallenge friend Peter marry his wife Sarah down in Liphook in July.




Whilst on holiday in South Africa in February of this year, 31 I went to the wedding of David and Angie in Durban.



In March of I went along to the evening part of 32 Paul & Nicki's bash.

Likewise, another 'evening' do I went to was that of Rosetta Ramos 33 a colleague from work who married James.



First of this year was 34 James and Phillipa, who got married on a Friday (so no football scores to have to worry about, mid-dinner) in the lovely Buckinghamshire village of Jordans.


Second of this 35was the marriage of Chris Vinall to Liz Tapia, in Twickenham in October.

Spurs played Arsenal at home this day, and for the first time instead of getting text updates from friends, I used by browser on my phone to get the scores. I also got to play at being bus conductor for the day.


My friend 36 Richard then got married (for the second time) to Kate in November up in Ickenham/Ruislip, and was also on a Friday - no football match to be tied in with it.

Friday weddings are strange because you feel like it's a Saturday and you party all night .. go home, get up .. and it's still Saturday!



I moved to America this year, and the first proper wedding I attended was that of 37 Maggie Brett and Hunter Kennedy on October 21st, in Charleston - South Carolina.

I say 'proper' wedding, as I'd been to six other weddings that summer already - but ones where I was working as the photographers assistant.

Also during an 16 month period between May 2006, and September 2007 I went to eighteen weddings in Charleston, South Carolina where I helped out as a second-shooter photographer. So on top of the total of actual weddings I've been to as a guest, I've also been to a whole bunch as a photographer.

Oh, I also got married myself 38 this year too, but it didn't last long ...


I then went to St. Petersburg in Florida on June 23rd 2007 to see 39 Liz and Keith Grant marry. It's a summer wedding, out of the football season.




I popped back to the UK on the 1st September for a week for the wedding of 40 Julia and James Thomas in Godalming. I helped photograph the wedding and took this photo [left] myself!




Mike and Melissa2008

Back in the USA On October 18th I went to the marriage of 41 Michael & Melissa Fussell, at Patriots Point golf club, Charleston, South Carolina.

Instead of taking photos, I spent a lot of time shooting video instead, and made them a half an hour DVD highlights of their day.



Mike and Melissa2009

On September 13th I went to the marriage of 42 Melissa Haneline & Graham Suggs in Salisbury, North Carolina. I think Melissa only invited me because she also wanted me to video it for her!




Andrew and ShaleneBack home to England now permamently, and on the 4th July I saw 43 Andrew Wong and Shalene Shimer marry at the Globe Theatre in central London.

It was cunningly timed to be out of football season, and even on a day when there was no matches taking place in the World Cup running at the time! It was though on the same day as the Wimbledon Men's Singles finals day ... or even more importantly for American-born Shalene, it was Independence Day, and also the same date that they first met!

I shot video for them, and teased the very happy couple that this was probably the only reason why they invited me. A lovely day!.

Suzanne and BenOn the 28th August was the wedding 44 of Suzanne and Ben Donovan in Peterborough.






A bit of a shocker for me here ... for the first year since 1996, I was not invited to go to a wedding at all! Thus bringing to an end my 'at least one wedding per year run', since 1996.


Chris and CharlotteMy tube partner-in-crime 45 Chris Green married Charlotte Hardy on the 25th February of this year down at Elvetham near Fleet, Hampshire. I even made a video about it for them ...



I then popped across the pond to my old stomping ground to beautiful American South o see 46 Beverly Morgan & Eric Barfield get married in Charleston where I used to live.


I popped back again acoss the pond to USA a year later to see another of my old friends from there get married 47 James Reaves and Samantha McClellan, in Summerville, SC on the 16th November.


The first of what should be two weddings this year was at a casle in Wales, as my fellow-world-record-holding buddy Anthony Smith 48 got married to Michelle Goode in a Castle, to become the Goode-Smiths!

Later in the year in July, I flew to the Greek island of Zakynthos to see 49 a couple get wed in a beautful little place upon a mountain in Greece, followed by a party where there was live music and dancing.


The first of two wedding this year to see 50 Dan (but not Dan) marry Nicola at Camden Town registry office, with a superb reception afterwards in The Parcel Yard in King's Cross station.

Two weeks later, there was the wedding reception of 51 Nik & Lia at Shepherd's Bush in London. There was curry. And cake. And Kareoka. That's a fine wedding party ... (photo to follow)