First funeral I even went to was for my Grandmother - my mum's mum. Her name was Grace Catherine Goodson, became Walker, and then married my grandad (below) so became Ford. She was born on the 28th January 1908, died at the age of 74 in November of this year.

My mum's dad died too just two years later ... perhaps a little of a broken heart? It was September 1984 and Herny Arthur Ford born on the 16th October 1905 died at the age of 79. He married in 1974, and they were together for over 36 years.

When I was working for a company in 1989, a gentleman there - Wally, the accountant, died and I attended his funeral in Epsom.



My Dad's father died in 1990.

Then my girlriend's dad died, and attended his funeral in 1998. Both her grandparents died then in 1998, and the 1999, and I went to all the funerals.



My grandmother (dad's mother) died in 2003

Whlst married and living in America, my wife's grandmonther died after a long illness and I got to attend an American funeral, including carrying the coffin.

Somone that I met through work in America died very young of a cancerous brain tumour, and I attend a Baptish Church funeral, the strangest thing as everyone almost seem to celebrate the fact that she was dead as she was "In a much better place now".



In 2011, my Uncle Roy Walter Smith, died on the 12th December 2011, aged 75. The cremation was at Kent County Crematorium, at Charing (near Ashford), Kent on the 30th December 2011.

My girlfriend's aunt-in-law, Mollie May Mansfield Westwood passed away on the 12th January 2015. We went to the crematorium for the funeral on 28th January 2015.

My friend Nick Mann was killed in a tragic accident in London on 28th March 2015, the ceremony was two weeks later at Tooting Crematorium.

In 2016, my step-father Jon Henry Onions died at the age of 72 on the 1st October 2016. The funeral was on 21st October 2016 at Surrey & Sussex Crematorium.




Morbid, yes... but I'm also keep track/count of the funerals I've been to in my life.

It made me think - at what point will the total number of funeras overtake the weddings?