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The main site is at, and we've got over half a million followers on Twitter and other social media channels too.

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I shoot, direct, produce and edit short videos for our popular Youtube channel, which launched in 2013, and has seen continued growth month on month, ever since including the extremely popular Secrets of the Underground series which has now had more than 3 million views.

We often publish videos live on Youtube first, before then later mentioning them on the main site or social media, therefore if you like what we do, we thoroughly recommend that you subscribe to our channel, where you'll get to see everything first before it's mentioned anywhere else.

We love visiting cool, secret and interesting places in London. Things that are below ground, up in the air, an ancient building, or down in a tunnel. If you'd like us to visit somewhere in London and make a video about it for you then get in touch with me using my Londonist email address.








I am the video editor for - a website all about London