The 50p's

Right from the outset of collecting 50p's, I really did intend to actual pay for the iPod when I bought it by handing over a big bag of coins ... honest!

But in the end because of the legal stance about paying in cash, as well as the fact that it was hassle enough to get permission from a shop to allow me to film me buying the iPod, I went for the easy option and - admittedly disappointingly - just handed over my credit card when it became time to make the purchase.

This meant that I then had a whole pile of 50p's sitting around at home (about £160 worth - as the rest of the money came via PayPal, etc..) which needed to be spent. I did obviously consider paying them all in at my bank, but again I wanted to film it - and getting permission to film in a bank as I discovered is one of the most difficult things on earth!

So in the end, I just thought "Sod it I'm going to spend them!" - the same as if I'd paid them into my account and transfer the money back to my credit account.

I went down the pub for lunchtime one day, ordered lunch and a couple of drinks and when the total came to £13.60, I thought "Ok, let's see if I can pay for this all in 50p's then" ...

I tried to create a fancy 'domino' effect of 50p's falling over each other.

You can if you are quite careful get a 50p to stand up on one end - the trouble is, it's very easy to knock over as it's not that stable. So I think the most I ever got to 'stand up' all at once was about 30 in a row, before I jogged one and they all fell down. Oops.

Try it if you don't believe me - they're actually very hard to stand up and keep them that way whilst you're standing more up next to them!

Whilst 'researching' 50p's I found this excellent site which has all the different designs of 50p's over the year in the UK.

:: 50pence Homepage



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50 Pence in Da Pod

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