in Da Pod (Statistics)

Some weird and wonderful statistics created from the 50p's that I have collected.

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Who contributed?

Out of the 500 contributors, I split them up into seven catagories:

Friends, Family, BBC colleagues (that I already knew), BBC colleagues (that I didn't know until they decided to contribute), people off of the internet (i.e. complete strangers, and the bulk of the contributions), animals (for all those cats, dogs & hampsters), and a very dubious catagory - others.


How Contributed

Contributing by me being given a physical fifty pence piece was obviously the most common way of collecting the money, but PayPal comes a close second as most of the contributions from people around the world were done that way.


Simple graph showing the total amount of money collected over time

Breakdown of year of physical 50 pence pieces

In cases where the money was not given to me in physical 50 pence form, (eg. two 20p's and one 10p), I've taken the liberty of changing it myself into a 50 pence piece. Out of the 96 50p's that I have in my jar at home, this is how they breakdown into the year that they were made.

From this, it would seem that the majority of 50p pieces in circulation are from 1997, with just a few from the remaining years.


Location of contributors

If I'm entirely honest with myself on this one, there is no need at all for this to be a pie chart, but I just really wanted to have a pie chart as I don't think I've made once since school, and they just look quite cool.









Types of 50p donated

I'm starting to discover as well that there are some 'rare' 50p coins in circulation

.I've also got a Isle of Man (1997) 50p which is quite unique I think.

There's also a1998 special NHS 50p:Contributor Paul (#62) has pointed me in the direction of the Royal Mint website which has a breakdown of the number of coins that were produced in the UK each year.



50 pence : iN Da Pod

50 Pence in Da Pod

The Contributors:

The contributors are listed here in groups of 25 to make the pages easier to manage and read through. Click on aby button to jump to that group.

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