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See contributor Rick Richardson [175] with the iPod in the hole in Iraq where Saddam Hussein was captured

See Dave Gorman be an official non-contributor

Download and play our spoof version of the 50 cent song - 'iN Da pod' which we've recorded

Will you give me 50p for a new iPod?

People really are just giving me 50p's!

If you want to join in and see if this can be done, then feel free to contribute 50 pence to me. I need five-hundred people to give me 50p each - and no more. £0.50 GBP is roughly $0.90 USD. And with 500 people, will reach the target of £250 which will enable me to buy a nice new third generation iPod.

Latest progress/updates here: 

Current total: £250.00 - 500 people out of 500 (100.0%)

What people have been saying about 'iN Da Pod'

"My life now has new direction and meaning since I gave Geoff 50p" *

"I was going to sit around in my pants all day, but then I found the 'iN Da Pod' website, contributed, and it really motivated me" *

"I gave him 50p just to stop him asking me about it all the bloody time" *

So go on, give me 50p. You know you want to really.

* All quotes have been made up

See and read about the contributors so far:

You can also read about and see photos of everyone that has kindly contributed to me by clicking on the the buttons here:

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The Non-Contributors!

Will this be the start of a whole new trend? People who are officially NOT contributing? If you fancy officially NOT contributing then you can have your photo taken with me stating so.

And look - I got Dave Gorman (yes, that Dave Gorman!) to start me off by not giving me 50p!


Hear our verion of 'In da Club' that we recorded - it's the spoof version called 'iN Da pod'


See the statistics on the money collected so far, including a breakdown of types of payment, types of 50 pence's and the location of contributors.

Find out what tunes people have beennominated for me to put on the iPod - stored forever as my way of thanking them for the contribution.

How to contribute

So here's how - either eMail me (address top right of this page), and I'll give you my real address where you can either send me a cheque or a physical 50 pence piece in the mail.

Or, if you have one, you can use your PayPal account to credit me with 50p. My account name is:

50 pence (£0.50 GBP) is usually about $0.90 USD. Of course it may vary slightly, but it's close enough. You can use this currency converter at to check to see how much 50 pence is in any other currency.

Tune nomination

If you also want to nominate a tune for me to put on the iPod when I eventually get it, then I'll do this for you and thus the spirit of your 50p will live on in the form of an MP3 file on the iPod.

I'll even edit the ID3 tag so that it has your name in it, which will then remind me of who contributed and what song they chose.

If you're an iPod owner yourself, then you also get this iPod Owner icon placed next to you in the contributor list. It's just another plug for this most excellent gadget!

If you feel like donating more than 50p to my very selfish cause, then that's very nice of you, but I won't accept it, and in fact - I'd rather you convinced someone else you know to donate me 50p instead.

Reserved contributions

A common request that people ask me is if they can reserve a slot ahead of the current number that I'm on. i.e. most people can say "Can I be number 500?". Well you can't because number 500 is already taken by my girlfriend who says she'll be the last one to hand over 50p!

So instead, people have been 'reserving' the next slot working back from number 500.