iColour Competition Winners

And the winner is ...

It's been a close run thing, but with over 60 people people emailing in and choosing their three favourite iColours, I can reveal that the winner with 'Chav-Pod is contributor #207 Will Jackson, who is pictured here celebrating his win by popping a bottle of bubbly..

Mr Jackson told our Geofftech reporter:

"I'll be pitching the Chav-pod to this bloke who sells fake Burberry stuff from a bakery tray on Oxford Street.

And special diamonique-encrusted Chav-pods could be sold in Elizabeth Duke down Lakeside!

But seriously, thanks for your votes - and even though I'm not an iPod owner myself, I recognise this award as a great honour. I'm sure the cheque from Steve Jobs is in the post..."

In second place was the contributor #1/#2 (Rachel Lundy & Steven Francis) joint effort of the 'Tube-pod', and third place, #63 Janet Robinson's 'iPud', which I'm suprised didn't do better as the competition dragged on into the festive period.

Thanks to everyone who coloured one in, thanks to everyone who voted, Will's original design is bow being framed so that he can hang it above his toilet along with a iContributed mousemat. Well done sir!

(We later discovered though that really you could get Burberry designed stuff for the iPod, have a look at this: www.style.com/shopping/itemoftheweek/103004)

2nd Place - 'TubePod'



3rd Place - 'iPud'

Last week at the iParty there was the iColour competition. A blank outline of an iPod could be coloured in using pencils and crayons, and I now need you all to help me pick a winner!

Have a look at the 'final' 32 below (click on each one to enlarge), and then send me an email to let me know you favourite three! The one with the most votes will win. Do it now!





50 pence : iN Da Pod

50 Pence in Da Pod

The Contributors:

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