iPod Video

When the iParty idea came about, I decided that I'd make a somewhat more exciting piece of video to tell the story of 50p collecting.

With the help of a borrowed video camera, some camera work from myself and other contributors, and a copy of Adobe Premiere, the result is iN Da Pod - The Movie! It's a 5 minute long, pop-video style track, and is a Flash streaming video.


Our spoof version : '50 pence - iN da Pod'

playOur own take on the 50 cent song "In da club". And yes - that really is me 'rapping' on it.

I can only apologise, because quite frankly, it is a bit terrible - but hopefully you'll see the funny side of it too. Bear in mind that this is just for fun, I didn't make it to try and encourage you to give me 50p, we just did it because it's silly!

iN da Pod (Pants mix) [2.3Mb.mp3, 128kb/s, 2m30s]



Make your own iPod out of paper

As discovered by one of my contributors - open up and print out this lifesize model of an iPod - print it out onto paper, and create your own lifesize iPod made of paper - brilliant!

You can of course customise the text to say anything you want. It take a little patience to then cut it out and stick it together, but it looks great once done.





The Original '50 pence' spoofs

playWhen I called this project 50 pence - iN da Pod, I honestly didn't know at the time that there was already a spoof artist out there on the internet called '50 pence' who had already done some spoofs of the 50 cent tracks.

50 pence - In da pub [2.1Mb.mp3, 96kb/s]

50 pence - P.I.N.T [2.2Mb.mp3, 96kb/s]


50 pence : iN Da Pod

50 Pence in Da Pod


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