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Here we go with the next set of 25 people then, and it's Saturday 13th December, and in true obsessive-collection style, I'm off to see Dave Gorman tonight perform his 'Googlewhack' show.

But before that, I caught up with a couple of friends of mine Adrian Chorley (76) and his wife Sarah (77) for lunch down the pub, and they didn't take that much convincing to hand over their 50's!

Thanks guys, and my apologies to Sarah as this has to be the most unflattering photo that i've even seen of her! Ah well ...

Ok, so Sunday through to Tuesday 16th, I've been a bit slack and not made any effort at all to get any 50p's. More will come though, I know it ..

So it's Thursday 17th December and I know what you're thinking - "He hasn't updated his website for a few days .. the 50p's are drying up!". Tsk! Oh ye of little faith. More will come, I just know it.

And indeed they have. So first up, big thanks to Matt Mavie (78, 79 & 80) who wanted me to recommend these following excellent websites:
A complete guide to stag and hen weekends, including advice on organising the superb stag or hen weekend for you and you friends
For all your weekend needs - Golf, skiing, pampering and country breaks
Great activity gifts from pampering to rally driving

Yes, that's a blatant plug for websites which he runs, but hey, I'll get those 50p's anyway that I can! I have no shame. And if you want to visit those marvellous websites of his along the way of your internet journey today then that would be lovely of you.

Today I also hear from my friends down down under in New Zealand, so huge thanks to Leanne Coleman (81) and Andy Edis (82) for your Paypal'd contribution ... much appreciated. Here's a photo of them from their wedding last year. (I spot a theme here.. people in New Zealand seem to give me photos of their weddings...) They also nominate their two songs later in my guestbook. "Wake Up Brother" by Goldenhorse (a great Kiwi band), and "Love Thing" by Joe Satrianu.

Also, I get an email from someone asking me if I'll sign a tube map for them (seriously!) and in return they'll then send me 50p....

Nothing much happens for a couple of days, in fact, we're well into next week and it's Monday 22nd December. I've been swapping emails with a guy called Steven Karahan, when he calls me up - out of the blue! - at work, and announces that he's just around the corner, and would I like 50p? Yes I would!

But there's one strange thing .. he's not a guy .. he's a young teenager! So god bless you Steven Karahan (83) for becoming my youngest contributor at the age of 13! What will his parents think when they find out?

Ah well, turns out he's been following my tube progress and we chat about that, and I take his photo. I'm slightly scared by the fact that he's managed to track me down, but I guess that's just inquisitive thirteen year olds for you! Nice one mate.

Later that night, I'm out for a christmas curry with the lads, and get Scott Forsyth (84) on board with some money. He also nominated a tune to have on the iPod - namely Tiffany's "Could've been". Ok.. not going to comment on your choice of track Scott! but just thanks for your contribution...

So it's Christmas time, and I was wondering if I would get any christmas cards with 50p's stuck inside as presents .. and I did! Wednesday 24th December brought a proper crimbo card from Jacob Waite (85) the director of the Metroland 'Race Around the Underground' programme that I was in back in October.

Thank you Jacob & merry christmas!



The next one is slightly more tricky to explain, but I think I should just state that at no point did I say that I wouldn't accept contributors that weren't entirely human.

So, I was very happy when an inanimate object in the shape of a carved wooden toadstool, property of of contributor Adrian (#76) and contributor Sarah (#77) by the name of Toady (86) [and not the character out of Neighbours either] paid a visit to my doorstep on christmas eve, wearing a santa hat, and most importantly had a christmas card with him with a letter inside containing ... a 50p!

Hurrah! So thank you!



It's Thursday December 25th! and Merry Crimbo to ye all!

The FFPD rating took a turn upwards again last night, which is good as it had been on the slide for a while. It all started when I had some friends round for christmas eve, and with contributor Adrian (#76) and contributor Sarah (#77) not only donating another 50 pence via our toadstool friend (86), they also gave me another one pounds of 50p's via two of Adrian's colleagues.

They'd been at work looking up his name on the internet via Google, and one of the hits led to my website!

And he then had to explain what it was all about, and they kindly contributed 50 pence to the cause. So many thanks to Noreen Copeland (87) who also nominated a tune - Jamiroquai and Jools Holland "I'm in the mood for love", and Jennie Maund (88) who wants The Drifters, Under the boardwalk. No problem - and thank you both for your contributions!

Contributor Rachel (#1) and contributor Steven (#2) popped round, and I was thrilled to discover that Rachel's mother had given me 50p! Big thanks to Pam Lundy (89), and apparantly I'm not allowed to make any gags along the lines of "Pam? That's just one letter away from 'Spam', isn't it?", so I won't ... HUGE thank you Spam! Er... I mean, Pam.

Contributor Jon (#12) was also round, along with his wife Nikki Greig (90) who I think thought the whole thing was a bit mad, yet in the end she contributed, as did my friend Chris Vinall (91) and his girlfriend Julia Abbot (92) who didn't want her photo to appear, so here we just have a shot of her hand and arm instead. Thank you - all of you! Chris also nominates the song "Fluffly little clouds" by the Orb, and Julia picks "I Will" by the Beatles.

Anyway, I got three more over christmas as I got one from reserved contributor's Paul' Webb's (#496) cat call Bob! Confused?

Ok.. Paul has 'reserved' himself the slot of 496 towards the end, but in the meantime, has given me 50p from his cat Bob (93) who is the one on the left in the photo. Thanks Paul! Er.. I mean, Bob! The cat also chooses Husker Du's "Love is all around" as it's song.

Post-Christmas, on Saturday 27th December, I caught up with a couple of family members as you might of expected, and got a couple of more 50p's that way. So thanks to my sister Helen (94), and Jon Onions (95) for both contributing ... much appreciated.

On Sunday 28th December, I watched Tottenham lose one-nil to Charlton at White Hart Lane, the only consolation being that I grabbed 50p from fellow lillywhite Mark Howlett (96) on the tube on way home.

He did insist on putting it in his mouth and getting his saliva all over it for some reason!

He didn't choose a song at the time, but later came back to me with the classic "Diamond Lights" by ex-Tottenham players Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle. It's not a good song, let me tell you!

The next day, Monday 29th December, I get up and check my email and find that Greg Needham (97) in Key West in the US has given me 50 pence via Paypal. Thank you Greg!

I wander into work, where contributor Janet (#63) says that she's meeting up with her friend at lunchtime, and another possible 50p could be on the table for me if I go down. So I do indeed meet up with Zoe Kleinman (98), and the whole transaction takes less than 30 seconds. Thanks Zoe!

It's Tuesday 30th December, and I hate work at this time of year. Between Christmas and New Year it's really quiet, there's not a lot going on, and the train companies are running a weekend rather than a weekday service with four carriages rather then eight.

There's also almost no-one in at work making it really quiet, but suprisingly it turns out that I've missed someone in my own office to ask for contributions.

So it's not until Matt shouts across the room at me: "Hey Geoff! How come you haven't asked me for 50p yet?", do I realise that I've not nabbed him yet... So thanks, Matthew Lebidineuse (99) for your contribution!

"You can also nominate a tune to go on the iPod!" I say. "Dire Straights - Money for nothing!" he says almost immediately. Smart-arse. Consider it nominated.

Number (100) have actually yet to collect, but seeing as I've been given contributions beyond that, it would seem churlish to wait until Andy Thurman comes up with the money. I hope to catch up with him tomorrow (Wednesday 31st).

The next few take me into the next 'group' of 25, but I'll mention them here on this page because they all came in on the same day.

Contributor Janet (#63) is becoming almost an ambassador for my cause (I think she's feeling guilty because she got an iPod for Christmas), and apart from herself, her mother, her sister and two friends that she roped into this so far, she calls me up today and tells me that she got two more people whilst out on the piss last night!

So I've no idea who they are (except that they're from St. Albans) or what they look like, but thank you to Steve Rolph (101) and John Potter (102) for handing over some of your hard earned dosh. If you're reading this now and would like to send me a picture of yourself to put here, please do so! I later find out though that Steve Rolph is a horologist (no I didn't know what it was either initially). It means he's a restorer of antique clocks, and here's a link to his website.

Then whilst still at work, another colleague Brian Appleby (103) wanders up to me .. I didn't realise I hadn't nabbed him either! And he glady contributes.

"It's like that thing you used to say when you were a kid, isn't it? If only I could get everyone in the world to give me a penny, I'd be a millioniare".

Indeed Brian, you would. And you could buy a lot of iPod's as well I reckon.


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