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Hello, and welome to Geoff-by-proxy (still black font, as per the previous page) as we start a new week on Monday 15th March.

Contributor George (#172) sends me a link to something which I've seen before but I don't think I've linked to before. It's an amusing cartoon-animated version of the infamous silhoutte iPod adverts, but this time feature ... Steve Ballmer who is an executive at Microsoft, not Apple! Have a look and see for yourself.

Oh, and this is a picture of the real Steve Ballmer as well. Maybe I should email him and ask him for 50p ... ?

Talking of 50p's, the mention on PalmAddict is bringing in quite a few people already, and from that it has also now appeared on as well - another PDA specific website, from which Gilles Reichert (276) who's in Belgium spots my 'plight' and paypals me. I ask him later for a tune and he gives me a choice of three from which I picked Olive's "Push". And thank you Gilles!

If anyone new from the PalmAddict site is reading this now, please note that you get to nominate a song which I will then put on the iPod when I get it, as my way of saying 'thanks' and keeping a memory of all the people that contributed!

Jan Galbraith (277) is next, she's an associate writer for PalmAddict (that's another plug for them!), and wishes me good luck. She doesn't tell me initially, but after I email her back and she replies, I find out that she's in Utah, and picks the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun", which I absolutely love, so I've got no problem with that! Actually, (sorry to pick straws Jan!) wasn't that officially by George Harrison and not the Beatles? Ooh, I'll have to go and have a look on the Beatles website now to find out ... Oh, and thank-you again Jan!

Shaun McGill (278) emails me next with a PayPal, except it's another one of those over-generous contributors, as he's given me £5! Shaun ... that's marvellous, but it's too much, so I've just PayPal'd £4.50 back to you!

I think also he has something to do with the website as he wants me to do an email interview for them too, I don't know what it is yet, but I'll let you know once I find out.

Back in my inbox I find that Warren Johnson (279) has paypal'd me next, oh hang on .. he's sent me $2 USD which is too much, oh no .. that's ok, because he hasn't nominated a song, but his friend Ryan Johnson has, so I'm taking Ryan as being person number (280). They're both from the US.

The interesting part though is that Ryan has nominated the Pink Floyd track 'Echoes' from their album Meddle - which is 23 minutes long! Very good guys .. now I'm assuming that they've tried to think of the longest possible single track and chosen that on purpose - or maybe that really are dedicated Pink Floyd fans?!

But i'll do it, even though (does some quick maths in his head) that's going to be a 20Mb MP3 file! Hmm, maybe I should compress to the new AAC format instead and make it smaller that way ...

Hello, it's now the evening, and this is me - real me - back again (proper font colour!) and I think that Beechams should give me 50p, as I'm happy to give them a plug here for their excellent all-in-one decongestant, headache clearing, sore-throat soothing drugs which I've been taking all day, and I feel almost human again!

So .. no more 50p's today, but I'm back at work tomorrow where I'm expecting some to turn up in the post.

One more 'blog' item though before I go for the night - I'll be all cliched and do a "I must tell you what I'm reading at the moment" type entry, except I finished reading it last week .. it's Tim Moore's "Do not pass go", and is the tale of Tim's journey around the real-life places as found on the Monopoly board (London version that is), written in a most humerous fashion as he compares what the places are like today, to what they would have been like many years ago when those locations were first chosen for the game board. And it's really good!

But every country has it's own version of Monopoly doesn't it? And it was so good and brought back so many childhood memories of playing it that I bought a second hand set off of eBay, and just had a quick 'go' of it this evening. And it was excellent. If you haven't played it for years, then go and dig it out from your cupboard now, dust it down, and re-live those classic moment. Oh, and buy the book as well !

Tuesday 16th March 2004 follows Monday 15th which is strange because the same happened last year as well. Hey ho. No 50p's in the post waiting for me at work, but non-contributor Jon send me more 'pod' dictionary suggestions in an email:

podded - for a member of the race who is "with pod" or owns a pod.
"It sprung to mind that someone has to study this poor subculture, they are of course known as "POD-iatrists"

And he then goes on to point out that University College London are offering "POD-iatry" degree's if anyone would like to sign up.

Contributor George (#172) emails me again today. He was listening to the Chris Moyles breakfast show on Radio 1 this morning and heard him discussing his iPod which he can't get to work apparently, and was talking on air about how he's now thinking of just going out and buying a Mac instead.

He'd gone into a shop to ask for help but was bamboozled by the assistant who kept getting too technical, rather than just selling him the USB cable and dock-connector which it sounds like what he needs to get his iPod going.

George (#172) tells me that upon hearing this he emailed Chris Moyles, asking him to highlight my campaign .. which is a funny coincidence because I'd done exactly the same thing!

Did he get back to us? Of course he didn't. Why? Well because he probably gets hundreds of emails a day from mad people telling him about all sorts of things, and mine got lost in them all.

So here's a suggestion: Send him an email for me!

Tell him about my webpage, and quest for an iPod. Tell him the URL ( , ask him to read it out on air, and let's see if we can get my hits up by getting Radio 1 listeners on board!

In fact, whilst we're on the subject of trying to get radio shows to 'feature' my website, here's another one to consider: The Steve Wright show on Radio 2 has a specific slot, called "Website of the day" during the show at 4.45pm each day where a nice chap called Miles Mendoza considers your suggestions and then plugs on air a particular website. Result? Lots of hits to your website!

So, go to this page here, and then click on where it says "Send us your suggestions" at which point you get to send in your suggestion to Miles.And it's as simple as that. And who knows, maybe Miles and/or Steve Wright are iPod owners too.

In the meantime, this evening, I eventually catch up with my Dad and my wicked step-mother that he's married to. Don't worry if you think that's a bit rude calling her that, as it's a bit of a gag and is how my dad refers to her as well! At least I hope she knows that as if she doesn't and she's reading this now then she's going to get a bit of a suprise.

Anyway, the point is it I don't know why I hadn't told my dad about what I was doing sooner, but over dinner I gave him the abridged version of "How and why I'm collecting 50p's", before back-tracking a bit when I realised that I had to tell them what an iPod was as well.

Anyway, they duly took it all in, gave me a look which seemed to say "As if running round the tube system all the time doesn't make you stupid enough", and then gave me two 50p's! Hurrah! So thanks to Roy Marshall (281) and Frances Marshall (282) very much!

My dad (bless him) wanted to give me more than 50p, but as per the 'rules' I had to tell him that 50p was all I could accept. I also forget to ask them for tune nominations, whoops!

Hello, it's Wednesday 17th March and a couple of 50p's turn up in the post. Well, except the first one isn't a 50p - it's a pound coin! Agh! That's not in the spirit of the game is it! The message they write as well says "Sorry it's too much, but I don't have any change. Perhaps you can use the other 50p to buy some paracetomol to help you get better soon?". Heh heh .. very good. So you'll all be thrilled to know that I am feeling much better now than I was on the weekend.

Oh, and that's from ... well they sign it with a strange name. It just says "The Orange Llama" - and yet this doesn't tie up with anyone in my inbox of someone who has said that they would be sending me something .. so I am mystified! If you are reading this now, and you're that person (The Orange Llama) - can you email me again please and tell me who you really are! Thanks! Oh, but you're (283) anyway.

Update... later on, they've read this entry here on the page, and they email me: "Sorry for being slightly mysterious, but I don't really want to have my real name on your webpage. Perhaps the song 'Mysterious Girl' by Peter Andre would therefore be appropriate"

And indeed, I think it would. So thank-you Miss Orange Llama, you shall remain known as that! (And before you suggest it, searching on Google didn't reveal much when you search for things relating to Llamas of an orange shade...)

The next is from Stewart Light (284) who sends me his 50p in an cooly cut-out piece of cardboard, which then has a 50p shaped 'hole' in it for it for fit into. Trust me, I think it's good. He chooses the Counting Crows song "Mrs Jones" as his nominated song, and also mentions the fact that he found my site from a link on which I've just looked at myself and it is full of funny stuff if you've got a spare minute or ten ...

I pop out at lunchtime from work (and go to the local pub, but don't have a pint of Guinness - even though it's St. Patrick's day 'n' all that and they're running a promotion), and then on my way back into the building I remember that one of the other security guards that works with contributor Penny (#25) expressed an interest in contributing.

So I ask him as I pass through reception, and he's still up for it! Good man, so thank-you to Peter Botha (285) for your 50p, and he's got "loads" of favourite tunes when I ask him for a track to select, so he's going to have a think first and let me know later what song he'd like to nominate.

An amusing aside to add - as I'm writing this I just jumped onto to find a St.Patrick's day website link to add (above), and Google have customised their logo for the day which if you click, instantly gives you hits/links to St.Patrick's sites! Nice one.

In the evening I go down the pub again, but still don't drink any Guinness - instead I opt for a more girly spirit-based drink (well the chancellor did just freeze tax on all spirits in todays budget), oh and I met up with buddy and new tube-collaberator Neil Blake (286) who's the latest addition to the 'squad'.

That's right, Tube7 is now being planned and will happen very soon! Have a look at the tube challenge pages for more info on that one. Neil can't think of a song to nominate immediately but says he'll email me with one tomorrow.

And indeed, the next day he does in a nice email which says "My song for your iPod is 'Comfortably Numb' by Pink Floyd. 'Echoes' is a good song but at 20+ minutes long you may struggle if you're not into progressive rock. Comfortably Numb is, of course, most Floyd fans' favourite song so deserves to be on any iPod. End of lecture." Cheers mate!

A few days later, Neil gets back in touch and tell me that partly inspired by this, he has now gone out an bought himself an iPod! A 15Gb model. Except he's having trouble getting rid of the gaps on the tracks of his Pink Floyd albums, where there 'progressive' style means that the tracks blend into one another without a gap inbetween...

Thursday 18th March seems like a long day - it drags on a bit, and my throat has a slight kick-back to being sore again, so I pop a few more flu tablets that I took at the weekend just to stave off any imminent return of my cold that I had at the weekend.

I meet up with my friend a contributor-to-be Roger (#498) down our local Starbucks for a catch up on the gossip, and I've got my digital camera in my pocket and get it out and place it on the table along with some other bits and pieces. "Oh no!" he says "What scheme are you up to now that's going to involve taking my photo?" and I have to convince him that I'm 'up to' nothing new, I just happened to have my camera on me. Still, it's nice to know that I'm considered to be 'always up to something' I suppose!

The day almost passes by without me collecting any 50p's, but finally though, I do get one before the day is out, thanks to the fact that we're having people on mini-attachments for a couple of weeks at a time at the moment in our office, and this two-weeks turn person is Stuart De Lange (287) who originally wanted to nominate the Counting Crows tune "Mrs Jones", except that it's my first tune-nomination repetition as Stewart Light (#284) just three contributors above got in their first!

So instead Stuart chooses another track of theirs called "Hard Candy". No problem Stu, and thanks for your 50p! Oh, he also describes himself as a 'Soutpeil', as he's a South African who's been here in the UK on an ancestral visa for so many years he almost feels English. I'll leave you to search on the internet for that word to see what it means though .. !

And welcome to Friday, it's the 19th March and having got up early to another wet and cold morning today I am now officially hacked of with winter and am hugely looking forward to the clocks going forward (British Summertime) in 8 days time and the 'official' start of spring...

So we're in the office, and contributor Sha (#10) is feeling guilty about not doing me a favour that he's been promising to do for about the last two weeks, so when he sees another envelope on my desk where another contribution has just turned up in the post, he chucks another 50p in my direction, but this time on behalf of his girlfriend Nicola Jackon (288).

"Do you have a photo of her?" I ask him. "No", replies Sha, "Maybe you can draw one up or something?" he says - obviously being silly - but this of course being me, I take him true to his word and so 30 seconds later, and faster than the average person can even find the shortcut for paintbrush in their windows Start menu, I've knocked up something which I hope isn't too far from reality. Hope you like it Nicola!

Oh, and her nominated song is George Michael's "Freeek". Isn't his new album out this week?

I say that Sha spotted an envelope that had turned up for me - and indeed a contribution from Graham Stanley (289) has turned up, bringing me 50p in the post all the way from Barcelona.

He's originally from Newcastle but is teaching English in Spain at the moment and wanted me to give mention to the terrible terrorist attack in Madrid last week which killed over 200 people. And because of that, he nominates his song in memory of those that died - "Imagine" by Khaled (from the album 'Kenza' in 1999).

The day carries on, and whilst I'm munching a sandwich at my desk over lunchtime, an email pops into my inbox with the sweetest of subject lines:

It's another colleague across the way in other building pledging 50p... in advance, as he wants to be number (#495) for when I get up to that point - so thank-you Peter Jones, you are now on the 'reserved' list. He's a liverpudlian and works in our disaster recovery team, so he says: "I'll choose a song that is both disaster recovery and Liverpool related - the Beatles 'Help'". Nice one Peter, and thank you!

Weddings, eh? Don't you just love 'em? Or, to be more specific, just you just love the reception part of the day where everyone is sitting round and they've been drinking lots, and so their defences are lowered and are more willing to give up 50p. Yup, that's the part I love!

Ok, so be fair, I'd almost gone the whole evening without mentioning it, but it got to the point where it got mentioned on my behalf .. and what could I do, sit there and refuse money? Actually, it was a teeny bit embarrassing, because I thought it would be poor form to ask people at such a social gathering, but when money started to get chucked in my direction, how could I refuse?

Paul Gygi, brother of contributor Ganine (#105) was getting married to his now wife Nikky, (that counts an wedding number 29 on my list, by the way) and their family and a whole bunch of other people are there, and we're all sitting round late on after much champagne and wine has been drunk when Ganine mentions it. I try to stop her (no really, I do!) but she more or less insists that people give me money, and before I can say 'iPod' I find myself with a whole bunch of change being thrown in my direction. It actually comes to to £3.74 for some strange reason, so I pocket the extra 21p and count the rest as seven contributions - yay!

So thanks to Paul Gygi (290) the man-of-the-day himself, who chooses Keanes "Somewhere only we know" as his nominated song. His new wife, Nikky Gygi (291) wants the Counting Crows "Mrs Jones", which actually someone has already chosen before - so we'll come back to that later - as her song. Then there's their mum Patricia Gygi (292) who has Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne's "Changes", nice one.

Moving round the table is another sibling of the family - Natalie Gygi (293) who picks Motorcycle's "When the rush comes", ok, no problems Nats. Then there's Sean Muller (and I can't work out how to put an umlaut above the 'u' of your name, sorry mate!) (294) who picks the current Kelis song "Milkshake".

Sitting next to him is Ayesha Barakzai (cool name!) (295) with U2's "In the name of love", and finally the delightful Shaun Cook (296), who actually has his song chosen for him by the rest of the drunken rabble, that being Offsprings "Pretty fly for a white guy", which causes much amusement for a reason that I didn't entirely understand .. ah well - I'm up to 296! Just four away from 300 and officially 60% down... I might even do it this weekend!

Saturday 20th March Morning all. When I get to the end of all this, there will be only more person who I can say has been more enthusiastic about me getting a new iPod than myself. His name is George Pilkington - he's contributor #172, and I know I've mentioned him before, but I now feel that we're at the stage where his name keeps popping up so often, I don't need to do the "Contributor #172", bit. So I'll just say 'George' and you'll all know who I'm talking about. Ok?

Cool. ok, so today George emails me a couple more iPod 'finds' on the internet. Firstly, there is a stunningly excellent iPod vs StarWars spoof in the form of Santa Claus in The iPodRace. You'll just have to go and play it (MOV format) to see what it's all about, but someone has truly spent a lot of time and effort making it, and it shows.

Then there's a Lord of the Rings, moment .. did you know that Gollum was an iPod owner? No, neither did I, but here's the proof :

So. Saturday. Day of domestic chores. Bit of cleaning, tidying, clothes washing, buying some new running shoes to help me train properly for my next tube jaunt, and then in the afternoon I decided to go and get my haircut.

Now there's a bit of a cliche about hairdressers in the UK isn't there? (I'm telling you now if you don't know that there is). As it's all very English. In terms of the person doing your hair, they will will always strike up a conversation from one of these three standard gambits:

"Going anywhere nice on holiday this year, sir?"
"Nice/Bad weather today, isn't it sir?"
"Not at work today then, sir?" (Admittedly more commonly heard on a week-day, and not Saturdays)

Anyway. You get the idea. So I'm a little taken aback when I sit down, we go through the standard pleasantries, asking me what I'd like (a haircut, mainly), and then she opens with:

"You're that chap of the telly that does that tube thing aren't you?"


And before you wonder what all the fuss is about, I just find it bizarre that someone should spot/recognize me 5 months on from when I was on the telly, albeit for half an hour, when most people watching TV that night (the odd 16 million or so) would have been watching EastEnders on the other side instead. And so it freaks me out slightly. Ok?

So... "Yes", "I am", I reply, and she asks me all about it for the next 15 minutes whilst the rest of the room falls silent and everyone else in the hairdressers listens in. At the end, most amusingly, are the two overriding questions that they all want to know.

Not 'where do you go to the toilet?', or 'when do you get time to eat/drink' etc.. but more important things like "Did you get paid?" (perhaps they thought if I did, I should give my hairdressers a really big tip!), and then, more classically"Do you have a girlfriend?".

So for the record. No - I didn't get paid. Yes - I do have a girlfriend, and before you ask I don't own an anorak or wear white towelen socks either nor have I ever worn broken specs held together by sticking plaster.

And in my fluster to leave as soon as possible, I completely forget to ask her for 50p. Shit.

Sunday 21st March ... Well, it didn't turn out to be the bountiful weekend of contributions that I was hoping for to take me past the 300 point, as I collected no real 50p's. I did though make slight progress in getting one reserved contribution from fellow tube-rider Paul Webb, from Clitheroe, Manchester, who has booked his slot at number 496. Thank you Paul! That's another 0.2% nearer to an iPod...

Hello, it's Monday 22nd March, and this could be a slow week - as I'm not in work. Instead I'm on a training course in the City of London, which means I'm not even checking my physical post at work for any mail!

Still, on the plus side, there are 7 other course attendees in the room that I'm sitting in all week, plus the course intructor himself, so it'd be pretty piss poor of me if I didn't manage to get at least one of the to contribute, wouldn't it? Watch this space...

Tuesday 23rd March - Oh ye of little faith .. oh ye of little faith, yes - that's right, YOU! You, who was sitting there just yesterday in same seat you're sitting in now with your big fat bum, and you were thinking "Ooh look .. it's slowed up .. he hasn't made the 300 mark, what a loser", right .. right?

Ok, maybe you weren't, but maybe all those people who have told me that "They'll donate towards the end when I start to get desperate" were starting to put their hands in their pockets to feel their smalls - er, I mean small change!

But fear not! We did it! Well, when I say "we" I do of course mean "I", plus the three hundred other people that have helped out so far. That's right .. the 300 mark has been reached (but not broken, it's exactly 300 as I type this), which means that I'm 60% down, and whilst not exactly on the home straight (that'll be 400), it does feel as if I'm getting there.

And how did I do it? Here's how:

I popped into work on the way back from the course, to find that a nice chap by the name of Andy Young (297) who's been promising to make me a DVD copy off of his TiVo box of my last tube jaunt, had finally got around to doing it, and had sent it to me in the internal mail .. and inside the DVD box was also 50p! Thank you Andy!

Oh, and he'd also written inside: "50p included for packaging balance purposes". Like you do, obviously.

This somehow seemed to spur on a discussion in my office that went along the lines of: "Oh god, you're not still collecting for that bloody iPod are you?", from one Mr John Winfield (298) who I'd actually never previously asked before because he's a grumpy Yorkshireman who I never thought would cough up in a month of Sunday's... but cough up he eventually did!

We also like John because he continually reminds us of the actor Dudley Sutton that I know best for playing Tinker in the BBC series Lovejoy.

Anyway Dudley, er.. I mean John - I take back everything I ever said about you behind your back and thanks for your 50p! He even picked a song too: Bo Diddley's "Pretty thing", a not-quite chart topping 'hit' from 1963.

This then, spurred on probably the last person in my office yet-to-contribute, to cough up 50p, that person being the delightful Martin Glascoe (299) whos name (as I researched just now for something to talk about here) is a derivative of the Celtic-based town name Glasgow (you know, that place in Scotland) which means "Green Hollow". So now you know.

Oh, and he's yet to nominate a tune. And he put the 50p in his eye when the photo was taken. And no, I don't know why either.

So I'm on 299 ... how excited am I? Just one away from the three-ton mark, I'm very excited! And in fact moreso, when I get home - check my emails and discover one from Chris Green (300) who'd actualy mailed me weeks ago saying that he'd like to contribute, but he'd get back to me as he was aiming to be contributor number 250!

But then I didn't hear from him again, so I mailed him a few days ago nagging him, and now he has got back to me saying "Ok then, I'll be number 300", and so indeed you are Chris! Thank you! And he's promised to send me a picture of himself holding up a piece of paper saying "I'm number 300". A finer moment to mark the thrice-hundred mark I could not imagine. Oh, and he chooses the song "Runaway train" by Soul Asylum as his nominated tune.

So there you have it - 300 out of 500. £150 collected. £100 to go. 60% complete, which means I've now updated the statistics again with a breakdown of the 300 contributions so far.

Oh, and I can now add in another one of those next buttons below, like this:





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