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Ok, so number (26) was Andy from work as mentioned on the previous page, so on with the next group of people which will take us up to number 50.

It's Saturday, it's the weekend, it's the 15th November, and thus I don't go to work any can't ask anyone there. I do, however, go and see my friend and his wife in the evening, and so Paul Hutton (27) gets on board with his 50p. Thank you mate! He also chooses the Talk Talk tune "Why is it so hard?" as his song.

17th November 2003

Sunday - day of rest for many - and likewise for me so no more 50p's were gathered at the weekend, but come Monday the 17th November, a new day back at work (woohoo!) should herald the start of new targets - er.. I mean, contributors.

And so it almost worked out, but in reality I only collected one more 50 pence piece from colleague Robin Thakur (28) which was a little ironic as the first thing he did when I got into the office was to show me his brand new iPod that he'd bought! Bastard! Now I want one more than ever.

I would have had another 50p of someone else, but they had no change on them, and another friend that works down the corridor was off today, so I'll nab him tomorrow. I did though get an eMail off of my mum (#23) though, saying that she'd got 50 pence of her hubby (my new step-dad) and my sister at the weekend. So that's two more on their way, surely?


18th November 2003

Just one more 50 pence in the bag today, thanks to Mark Punter (29) who works down the corridor from me that I met up with today. I did do him a favour though, and I think he felt that he was 'paying me' in return anyway. He didn't want his photo taken though...

19th November 2003

The next day - Wednesday - brings again just one more person, so thanks to Suzanne Hutson (30), a former colleague at work who gave me lots of stick about it, but still gave me the 50p anyway. And by that I mean, she groaned and winged a lot about my stupid idea, she didn't actually give me any branches or pieces of wood, etc.. Just thought I'd better clear that up. Oh, and later she comes back to me with her tune choice of Tears For Fears "Mad World".

So that takes me to 30 people which is officially 6% of the way!

Thursday 20th November

Brings more success. People that had previously refused to contribute are now being slowly worn down...

Colleague Mark Higginson (31) wanted to borrow a piece of techie gear off of me at the weekend - Of course you can Mark! In exchange for 50p... sorted. And he nominates the Pet Shop Boys track "Kings Cross" as his song as well.

I also get Raj Khosla (32) to contribute who is too shy to have his photo taken, bless, but thanks for your 50p mate!

End of the week then, Friday 21st November brings just one more person at work - Andrea Walker (33) didn't want to at first, but I think once she realised the sheer audacity of what I was asking, she became convinced. Today is also BBC Children in Need day - so why not go and give them 50p as well?

Here comes the weekend .. Saturday 22nd November and you know that old expression "Taking candy from a baby", yes? Well here's a new one ...

"Taking your godsons 50p pocket money off of him", as you can see in this photo, right.

Ok! Ok! Calm down - for goodness sake, I didn't really take his pocket money, the photo was staged for a 'wheeze', Ok? But thanks to Joseph's parents Richard (34) and Nicki Sosin (35) to add a pound to my cause in one foul swoop!

Monday the 24th November brings me £1 - two lots of 50p in one go as I get my first payment via PayPal. An item that I've sold on eBay gets paid for, so thanks to Amanda Thurlbeck (36) and her husband (37) (no name given) who both contributed by giving me 50p each, by giving me £1 more on PayPal on the final selling price of the item.

Tuesday 25th November 2003

Today I get a nice surprise in the post - 50 pence in the shape of two 20 pence pieces, and two 5 pence pieces, all sellotaped down on a piece of paper. Huge thanks to Deirdre Rooney (38), sister of contributor Norma (#21), who's been quoted as saying "What a brilliant idea - wish I'd thought of it myself!".

I've also been promised 50p from work colleague Andy Thurman who says that he will be person number 100 when I get to 99. Similarly, Tony Long has said that if (when, Tony, when!) I get to 249, he'll then contribute to take me to 250.

Wednesday 26th November

I swapped eMails yesterday with an old work colleague Kim Anderson (39) who today has very kindly transferred 50p into by bank account. Thank you!

I also finally managed to convince work colleague Nigel Mellor (40) to contribute at last (he'd been holding out...) as I gave him some help with something, he felt it worthy to donate 50p towards my cause.

So it's Thursday 27th November, and a colleague Shane Nolan (41) from another department comes across to my office for the day. I have to go and buy him a pint of beer, but it's worth it as he then gives me 50p. I manage to cut our heads off in the self-timed photo as well.

So I get home this evening, and check my email, and find that I've been given a whole load of PayPal payments! Including some from people that didn't even feel the need to tell me .. they just kindly gave me the cash! Cool! Thanks!

So thank you to Peter Smyth (42), Ola Hansen (43), Gordon Drayson (44), UCS Services (whatever that is! - 45), and Thomas Dickan (46).

Ola (#43) thinks that by the time I get £250, there will be a 60Gb iPod out! Ola - I promise to stop at 500 people and only get a 10Gb model... (This has now turned into the 15Gb model).

He also appears to be a David Bowie fan. I've promised to put a David Bowie track on as part of the list of nominated tunes.

Thomas (#46) also pointed out to me that today is Thanksgiving in the US, and that I made his day a little brighter when he found my site - no problem Thomas! I promise to put some Beatles & Stones for you onto my 'pod when I get it...

Friday 27th November

Another PayPal donation! This time from a T Goldenberg (47) - thank you my friend, whoever you are!

Also, it would appear that I've been noticed on the YourMac forums website, where there is this conversational thread now running...! My Mac-mad friend Roland is supporting me on this one it would seem.

It's Monday 1st December and I get back from being away for the weekend, and find more PayPal payments have taken me up to (and past) the 50 person mark! That's 10% complete now!)

So thanks to Emil Sosnowski (48) from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada who also wants an iPod for Christmas and says that he live in "a house full of Macs". He also supports the Toronto Mapleleafs for which he wanted me to give a plug to!

Also, Graham Parks (49) and James Jones (50) from Seattle, who all very kindly PayPal'd me 50p - Thank you!!

A few weeks later, Emil (#48) emails me again and we catch up with what's been happening. It's now after Christmas, and he unfortunately didn't get his iPod. D'oh! Sorry mate. Maybe for your birthday?


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