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So it's Sunday 9th November 2003, and we're sat in my local Nando's, when the idea was conceived! Rachel Lundy (1) and Steven Francis (2) both give me 50p towards my new iPod.

We took about six photos, but Rachel managed to have her eyes closed in every single one of them! Ah well.

They don't pick song nominations at the time, but later Rachel comes back to me and chooses Justin Timberlake's "Like I love you", with Steven going for Curve's "Want more, need less". Steven is also an iPod owner, hence the icon.

10th November 2003

Into my second day and I get eight people at work taking me up to 10 people in two days!

That's an FPPD of 5, which equates to £2.50/day. At this rate, I should get to £250 in 100 days - about mid February 2004. In reality I know that this will be quite hard to maintain though, and it'll probably drag on for a lot longer than that, won't it?




I decided to start by targeting my colleagues at work, and picked on those who I thought who who relent easily and boost my confidence from early on.

So thank-you to Shaun Bevan (3) for being first up, followed by Chris Dalkin (4), who's having Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling stone", and Vinny Moorby (5) who later chooses the song "Show me how to live", by Audioslave [see below about song nominations], and John Fitch (6) who insisted on giving me the 50 pence all in small change!

John winged a lot afterwards and tried to take his fifty pence back off of me, but by then it was too late ... ! He loves me really though, I'm sure.

Dominic Eaves (7), Nathaniel Jones (8) were next, but neither of them would let me take their photos (wusses).


Nat did though later choose an interesting song as his nominated tune, there's a track called "East German Crack" which he composed himself, under the name of 'Sperm Whale'. Er.. ok.. thanks Nat! And he's going to dig me out his personal copy as it isn't downloadable off of the 'net anymore.

Next up my old boss Julian Hood (9) who nominates the song "Messages" by Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark.

And then, Command and Conquer : The Generals, master - Shah Ghasemiou (10) who did let me take his piccy brought me up to £5 for my second day. He later comes back to me with his song nomination with the Prodigy's "Smack my bitch up".

Have you ever seen the video to that? It's very clever - you just think that you understand what's going on, and then right at the end there's a clever shot which reveals something that you hadn't been expecting. Trust me. Next time it comes on TV watch it through right to the end!

Anyway, I found that not everyone at work was as forthcoming as those nice eight to hand over such a paltry amount of dosh. My colleague Stewart refused, despite me now getting customised spam-mail to my inbox from sock manufacturers.



I also got a few strange looks from some of his colleagues which told me that it wasn't even worth asking them in the first place, so I didn't.






11th November 2003

Last night I got my first email from a complete random stranger who'd seen my request on my website. So hello and and a big thank you to Graham Finn (11) who discovered my 'plight' and emailed me. I gave him my mailing address and he sent me a cheque for 50p in the post. Fantastic!

Also, once a week I play five-a-side football with "the lads", one of those being my mate John Greig (12) who popped round to see me beforehand. "Would you give me 50p?" I asked, without even really having to explain why. He would! Nice one, cheers mate. When I ask him later for a tune, he picks the Duran Duran classic "Skin trade".


At work that day I also get an eMail from my first overseas buddy! Tube 1 co-challenger Ross Petherick (13) and his lovely wife Sharon (14) internationally transferred me 50 pence each.

They didn't have a picture of them transferring me the money, so they sent me one of them at their wedding eating cake instead. Cool.

Also at work, I then pick on my current boss - Glenn Mason (15), who later nominates the song "Where is the love?" by the Black Eyed Peas.

Then I get two more donations from colleagues Reza Ahmedi (16), and Marco Bucceri (17). Marco is Canadian but working here in the UK, and supports the ice-hockey team the Canucks back home, for whom he wanted me to give a plug.


Marco also thinks that I should let everyone have a 0.2% stake in the iPod, or at least allow contributors to nominate a tune of their choice which must be permanently stored on it forever! I am now doing this, so Marco gets in his request of Crowded House, "Weather with you".

I get home in the evening and download my emails, and find another internet donation from Dan Palmer (18), which takes me to £9.00 for the end of day three. Dan I know from his 'Dave Gorman Bookquest', website, which is unfortunately down at the moment, otherwise I'd link to it here. He also nominates the tune "End of a century" by Blur.

12th November 2003

Slow progress today, but I was busy for most of the day, and didn't really get a chance to hassle many people, so only got one more chap at work - Tim Aarons (19) who coughed up before I'd told him why! What a nice chap.

We then proceeded to have a deep and meaningful conversation on the virtues of the new Matrix film. If you haven't seen it, then all you need to know is that it's not as good as the first one (nothing ever could be), but it's much better than the second one (how could it be any worse?), and all the loose ends get wrapped up nicely. Well, sort of.

Contributor Rachel (#2) today also emailed me, as she came up with a similar suggestion to contributor Marco (#17), in that I could ask people for their favourite song, and then when (if?) I get the iPod, I could make a playlist of everyones songs that had contributed.

I'd sort of already decided to do this when Marco suggested it, but now I'm definetely doing it. So when someone chooses a song, i'll highlight it in this lovely purple colour to draw your attention to it!

13th November 2003

I had to pick up my car from the garage today, as it's had the heater fixed (not having a heater in your car in winter is no fun at all, let me tell you!), and I had to resist the temptation to ask the mechanic for 50p. I'm not sure he'd of gone with it. Or would he? Ah well - I'm sure something will go wrong with my car again soon and I'll have another chance to ask him.

More people at work though got on board today, so thanks to Nigel Collins (20) who came back after leaving last week, Norma Rooney (21) who I never thought would contribute, so was most pleased when she did, and Jonathan Walsh (22) was the keenest person yet to give me 50p (He's a bit of a nutter himself).



Then, this evening, my mum popped round and so when she said "Any news then?", it seemed rude not to tell her that I'd started an internet campaign to raise 50p's to buy a new iPod.

I'm not entirely sure she took it all in, but she was nice enough to give me a fifty pence coin. What a nice num! So that was number (23) in the bag.

The next day she sends me an eMail at work:

"Conned anyone else yet into giving you 50p?" she writes.

"It's not a con!" I reply.

"I asked, made it clear you were under no pressure, and you gave!"

So there.

That told her.

Oh, and she chose Chris Rea's "Road to hell" as her favourite song. "A great song to drive to!" says my mum. Lovely.

Friday 14th November

My 50p turns up from contributor Dan! (#18). He's sellotaped it down onto a piece of paper, along with a note that contains the suggestion - For true Dave Gorman like stats, you could make a note of all the different types of 50p's that you get. Ok Dan, I will!

Hence the the statistics section is now available.





I continue to get my work colleagues 'support' and convince Reza Maleknia (24) to donate his fifty pence, and then the official 5% mark came in the form of the very friendly lady on reception of my work entrance, that being Penny Jones (25) who I asked and she very kindly gave.








Thanks Penny! (There's got to be a gag in there somewhere about finding forty-nine other women called Penny, which would be fifty Pennies, etc.. but I haven't completely though it through yet)

Finally, this page is only meant to be the first 25, but just for completeness sake at the end of the week, it would be rude not to mention Andy Harrison (26) at work to end the day on. Cheers mate!




Oh, but Nat (#8) did let me take a photo of him with a fifty pence after all - providing it was on his tongue. You know, like you do.

I think he realised that when most other people were appearing with their photos on the website here, that he wanted his mugshot on show as well.

You look beautiful Nat.


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