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And it's still Saturday 3rd January 2004, and I'm still catching up on emails delivered yesterday, plus a whole new batch that have turned up overnight for me.

First in my inbox is Lukas Kahane Hauser (126) from New York, who is an iPod owner and nominates the tune "Saliva" by MF Doom (aka Viktor Vaughn), and in fact the whole Viktor Vauhn album "Vaudeville Villain". Thank you Lukas!

David MacKenzie (127) is next in my inbox, and I love his his comment "To be honest, I just want to see my name on your site". Really David? Ok, well to show how much I appreciate your 50p contribution, I created this for you [left] !

And I apologise profusley to all the Mac purists for not having the correct system font to make it look exactly like it should.

(Did I mention I am Windows user? Or would that turn the stomach of all you Mac people out there!) But if you want to tell me where to get it from, then that'd be cool.

David also recommends that once I get one of the new iPods, that I update with the latest American firmware so that it gets rid of the European 100 decibels limit. Cheers mate.

Neil Cohen (128) via his mates PayPal account delivers me another 50 pence all the way from Houston, Texas. Thank you Neil, that's very kind of you. And it's making me wonder actually if I'll end up having more contributions from the US than the UK. Hmm! Only the stats page will tell you that in the end.

John Miller (129) is from Santa Clara, Calafornia, and PayPal's me next, and also makes a good point about using PayPal when contributing.

I didn't realiase that you can't give 'Quasi-Cash' for international recipients, so he used the 'Goods (other)' type in PayPal when contributing. Something to bear in mind. Very good of you John, cheers. He also cleverly nominates "It's Money That Matters" by Randy Newman for me to eventually put on the 'pod.

The next up is my first namesake! Well - first name anyway. Geoff M (130) (he doesn't tell me his surname, but that's a little weird, because my surname also begins with a 'M' - a bit too much like a Dave Gorman-esque quest if you ask me!) emails me, and it turns out that he used to work for Apple as well, so he knows all about iPods!

Anyway, "With a name like Geoff you can't lose" he says. Thanks Geoff! He also nominates the tune "Money" by Pink Floyd. He he he. Nice one! I should also point out for any other Geoff's reading this there is a website dedicated to Geoffrey's on the web. I think I'm still listed on their somewhere.

The next one is good. Jonathan Peterson (131) gets in touch, and he's a Brit, but living and working in Tokyo at the moment. He sends me this picture of his desk at work with his iPod in the foreground and the Tokyo tower in the background!

He also nominates the tune "The girl who waves at trains" by the Lilac Time, for me to put on the 'pod and adds "Thanks for amusing me!". My pleasure Jonathan, and more importantly - thank you for your 50p!

Paul Kuhr (132) from Chicago, Illinois is next, with a £0.90 USD contribution - thanks Paul!

And he's a metal fan, and is nominating the band that he sings in (picture, left) who's website is at

"Not sure if you're into metal" he says .. Paul, you'd probably be appalled with some of the music that I like, but this is part of the fun of doing this - I will go and download and put on the iPod one of your songs and listen to it!

Brian Caldwell (133) is next, who very kindly PayPal'd me $1.00 and is yet another iPod owner. Well, actually he had an order in, but then put it on hold as he's waiting to see if anything new is announced at next week's Mac Expo.

He's from Reading, Pennsylvania, sister city of Reading here in the UK. Big thanks to you Brian! He also nominates the tune "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan for me to eventually put on the iPod. He emails me back later too, asking me to mention that it should be the live version from the album "Mirrorball", as "Sarah is simply stellar in that version". Ok, Brian, I promise I'll try and get the live version!

Just a couple more for today then, including Thomas Twigg (134) from Anchorage, Alaska, who tells me "It's a crazy idea!" (agreed), and that "I'm not sure why I'm contributing", (but he is), but that it's been so many years since he was able to spend 50p on something that it seemed worth to do it just because of that! Thank-you Thomas.

Oh, and apparantly he thinks I look like a young Billy Bragg, so he's nominating one of his songs "The Saturday Boy". Do I really look like a young Billy Bragg? I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not !

Lastly in my inbox for today is John Buell (135) with no added comment, and I have no idea where he is or anything about him, except that he paid in US dollars. Thanks John if you're reading this now.

Updated: He later emails me back, and tell me that he's in Illinois. Hmm, I've definetely getting very tempted to get a map of the USA, and mark down where each of the contributors have come from. Just because I'm a bit sad like that!

And welcome to Sunday 4th January, and in case you're wondering what an 50p-collecting-new-iPod-owner-wannabe does in his spare time, then I can tell you that since yesterday I've been to see the new Lord of the Rings film (all 3+ hours of it!), and I've also started to take down my christmas tree, but have stopped at the stage just before I take it out of my house as I know that I'm going to be left with a load of pine needles that need cleaning up.

I check my emails, and yet again there's a whole stack of them. I've now had contributors from all over the US, Canada, Sweden, China, Australia, and now... Surbiton! A small town a few minutes down the road from where I live now, and where I used to live myself until recently! It's a small world, eh? So hello and thanks to Bill Kay (136), who describes himself as "A Surbiton iPod owner". Cheers Bill.

I'm vary aware that this section of the contributors looks the same .. ie. it's lot of iPod owners that send me PayPal contributions, so the same picture of the 'iPod owner' picture that I have, and the screenshot of the PayPal page is looking a little repetitive, so I'll try and think of something else to break it up a little bit, but I'm not sure what yet!

Rod Begbie (137) who's in Somerville, Massachusetts ("Just down the road from Boston" he says!) and runs the website - defined as "Home for the propagation of hypertextual nonsense". Excellent! Looks right up my street, so I've bookmarked it and will have a peruse later.His nominated tune is Yma Sumac's "Gopher Mambo". Ok, Rod - you're on, and thanks for your 50p too!

Steven Seltzer (138) emails me next with a PayPal contribution. He's from Monroe, New York and he's given me $5.00 USD, which is very kind of him, but too much! So I'm about to PayPal him back some change.

50p is about $0.90 USD. But I can't remember if PayPal charge you or me for the transcation! Either way, I've generally been accepting $USD contributions of up to $1.00. So anything more than that, I send back to you!

Amonst the myriad of US contributors, I next get an email/PayPal contributor from little ol' England here at last! Many thanks to Howard Lloyd (139) from Wrotham in Kent for your 50p. He says "You're an inspiration to us all Geoff!" (Umm.. ok, if you say so!)

He also nominates REM's "Orange Crush" as the song to go on the 'pod. Actually, I was at the recording of the Frank Skinner TV show here a few weeks back, and Michael Stipe was on it, and whilst I never dis-liked REM, I was never really into them either.

But after seeing Stipe in the flesh and hearing him talking it did make me realise what an interesting guy he was, and REM went up in my estimation a lot. Oh, and I bought my girlfriend their greatest hits on CD for christmas, so in fact, I think I'll go and pinch her CD now and stick it on whilst I type up the next contributor ...

... who is ReindeR Rustema (140) from Amsterdam. He appears to be a bit of a Beck fan by asking for any of his songs as his nomination for my iPod, perhaps in particular the track "Get Real Paid" from the album Midnite Vultures.

Oh dear, that's going to lead me off on one. (Excuse me whilst I ramble for a paragraph or two...), but the album cover to Midnite Vultures (pictured here, left) always makes me laugh since one of my friends pointed out one day how the face of the guy always reminds him of Noel Edmonds. Noel who? I hear you ask.

Noel is cheesy old, grinning, silly jumper wearing TV presenter of yesteryear from here in the UK, and I grew up watching him for many an hour on Saturday morning television. He also presented many show on BBC Radio 1.

Anyway, look, I've dug up a picture of him for you to compare here. Unfortunately, I can't find on the 'net a really big picture of the Midnite Vulture cover, so if you've got that Beck CD yourself, maybe you could go and grab it now, hold it up to your monitor here and compare it for yourself, and let me know what you think. Ok! Ramble over..

I should also add (just for a bit of self-hype) that ReindeR also adds: "Good luck, and please keep your pages up for many years to come, I teach and write on internet culture and would like to mention it". Cool! Ok, not a problem ReindeR.

Also, I throughly recommend that you check one part of his website about his stolen bicycle. Many years ago, he bought a webcam (when they were new on the scene) and set one up to 'spy' on his neighbour who was trading stolen bicycles!

Contributer number (141) is Philip Newton (from Grantham, Lincolnshire) has a suspiciously similar name (i.e. just one character difference) to my friend Phil (contributor #104) on the previous page. Hmm. Thoughts of having stats by name might be taking this too far. Anyway, yes please Phil, send me a photo of yourself and then I can use it! He also nominates the Counting Crows tune "Raining in Baltimore", which I will use. Thanks Phil.

Daniel Matos (142) is the next nice man up in my inbox to PayPal me - thanks Daniel! And he lives near Lisbon, Portugal. Hmm. I'm definetely going to have to do a map of the world now showing where contributors came from, aren't I? He mails me back again later after I've sent my 'thank you' email to him, and he nominates the tune "Money" (can't imagaine why!!) by Pink Floyd. No problem Daniel.

Delila Lacevis (143) drop me a contribution and an email. She's now in America, wishes me luck and says that her husband has an iPod an he loves. So, just to be silly (you'd realised by now that I'm a bit mad, haven't you?), I've created an special icon just for you Delila. Oh, and thanks for your 50p!

David Demchuk (144) is next in line as I double-click my way down my inbox, he lives in Toronto, and is yet another iPod owner himself. He wishes me good luck with the quest here, and nominates the song "Might as well be on Mars" by the Pukka Orchestra.

That's something else which I'm starting to enjoy about this, the fact that i'll be discovering a whole load of new music which I would have probably have never of heard of either. I like that. Thanks David!

Tom Charles (145) I gather is from London because he mentions that he always listens to his 1st generation 5Gb iPod when on the tube. I've probably seen you Tom - because those distinctive white ear buds continually catch my eye whenever I see anyone else wearing them. Personally, I think there should be some secret-acknowledgement-nod (a bit like the masonic handshake) that lets two iPod owners know of their mutal respect in owning such a cool gadget.

Anyway, he's a Rolling Stones fan and insists that I put the classic "Start me up" on my 'pod when I get it, and he gave me the last odd 50p that he had in his PayPal account just because it was sitting around not doing much. And may I compliment you sir on finding such an excellent way to spend it.

I appear to have caught up at this point, but then I check my emails one more time before calling it a day, and find another new one, so hello to Colin McEnery (146) from Lincolnshire here in the UK, who PayPal's me 50p, saying "Good luck and have fun", and nominates the tune "1000 things" by Jason Mraz. No problem Colin, and thanks for your contribution.

That takes me to 146 for the end of Sunday, and I've just remembered that a colleague at work (Rainer McGill) has promised me that he'll be number 147, as that's the score of the highest possible break in the game of snooker, of which he is a fan. So I'll nab him first thing tomorrow morning, and the week will be off to a good start

It's Monday January 5th 2003 and I check my emails in the morning, a whole load appear, I check them when I get back in the evening .. more appear, but it's not until I get back from playing football (when more appear) that I finally get a little time to sit down and update this! Here we go:

At work I email Rainer, and he's in another building across town this will but he will pop by and give me my promised 50p as number (147) later on in the week. Good man.

I then chat to contributor Matt (#99) and he gives me another 50p piece - this time from his girlfriend to whom he told what I was doing and she wanted a piece of the action (ooer!), so thanks to Paula Gowing (148) for your 50p.

I collected no more at work, but prior to playing footy with 'the boys' as I do most weeks, I popped round to see my long time buddy Julian Smith (149) who actually collects rare 50p's - I kid you not!

Like the limited edition NHS one that I have on the stats page, he's kept some other 'limited edition' ones that are quite rare, including one celebrating public libraries and one for the anniversary of the EU. He's also got limited edition £2 coins, and even an ultra-rare £5 coin. (You normally only get £5 notes), but he wouldn't give me any of those though, instead he just gave me some 'regular' 50p pieces - in fact he gave me five!

One from him, and then one from his girlfriend Pip Bisco (150) yes, that's 'B-I-S-C-O', which is very similar to the Ottawan tune from 1980, 'D-I-S-C-O', and of course only another one letter out from 'Bisto', the popular gravy granules which you can buy here.

Oh, and that takes me to the 30% point as well. Thanks Pip! Oh, and he nominated "Missy Queen's Gonna Die" by Toktok Vs Soffy O as his tune. He could be making that up for all I know, as I've never ever heard of it!

Also, I got one from his brother Joel Smith (151), one on behalf of his dad Ron Smith (152) who shares the same birthday as me, and one from his mum Roberta Smith (153) who doesn't share the same birthday as me. And that takes us up to end of this bunch of twenty-five people!



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